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Even Trainers Need Training!

The field of workplace learning and development is growing by leaps and bounds. Along with the growth of the industry has come the demand for more and better-trained trainers. A trainer might be an internal HRD professional employed by an organization and responsible for providing training to the organization’s employees. A trainer can also be a subject-matter expert who has been enlisted as a full-time professional trainer. Another category of trainers includes those who deliver training on a part-time basis as part of their overall job responsibilities. Finally, a trainer may be an external consultant who contracts with an organization to design and/or deliver training programs.

Internal or external, full-time or part-time, novice or seasoned, if you want to develop or enhance your training competencies, we offer a comprehensive set of tools and resources to help you master the art and skill of training others. Those who have been “thrown” into full-time training positions with little or no formal training will find our books and train-the-trainer program very helpful in learning the fundamentals of training or supplementing what you already know. Experienced trainers will gain new tips and techniques to enhance your current skills and help you deliver on-target training that meets individual as well as organizational needs.

Our Philosophy/Approach

Our active training philosophy and practice, based on years of solid research in adult learning and motivation theory, get results. Training that makes a difference meets these standards:

Active training is the process of getting the participants to do most of the work. They are engaged and energized because they are actively involved in a fun and fast-paced learning experience.

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